My Dad Made Me a Length Check Shirt! :-)

My Dad!

When I explained my DIY length check shirt mistake to him (I made it on a very stretchy exercise top), he measured out and put lines on ANOTHER shirt for me. He did the front AND the back. All I had to do was add the numbers. He’s a perfectionist so naturally he was critical of his own work, but I love it. Dads are great.

Every now and then I periodically call him to say thanks, and to brag on him. I can hear his smile over the phone when I do.


The thing is, he’s a VERY busy business owner! After hearing my tale of how I worked so hard on my shirt but put it on the wrong material, he could have just said, “Hopefully your next attempt will work out.” Instead, he pushes back his business appointments, makes this shirt like I’m a client that’s paying beaucoup (i.e., “bookoo” / lots of) money for it, and approached it like he was performing medical surgery.

He is an expert at a lot of things, and he’s very kind and generous at the same time, and it’s very profound and sweet. I hope my boys become a lot like him, in those regards. Love me some Dad. :love2: I’m so proud of him.


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