2017-June-15: Natural Hair Meetup.com Inaugural Meet & Greet


Yesterday was the inaugural meet and greet for a new meetup.com natural hair meetup that just started in my city! I was SO elated when it showed up in my feed. I joined immediately.

It was an hour’s drive for me (in the future we will meet more centrally–phew!!). We met at a Mexican restaurant I’d never been to before that had DELICIOUS shrimp nachos. (They were to LIVE for!!!) Only 3 of the 48 meetup members attended.

While we ate we talked hair, and it was FABULOUS talking with folks who were equally as knowledgeable and passionate about hair as I was.

Some of the topics broached included:

  • potential activities and events for future meetings,
  • porosity,
  • protein-moisture balance,
  • working on the hair in sections,
  • doing twist outs on dryer, straighter hair for better results,
  • skin care (apparently hot water, shea butter, rose water, rosehip seed oil, and the occasional cleansing with African black soap are magic!!!),
  • natural versus synthetic products,
  • the potential damage that color can do,
  • clay,
  • Camille Rose Naturals,
  • Kinky Curly,
  • DIY oil mixes,
  • less-well known oils such as tamanu oil and hyssop oil,
  • whether hourglass rollers were any more effective than magnet rollers,
  • whether wash-and-go’s are healthful or not,
  • wash day durations (LOL!),
  • finger detangling versus detangling with tools,
  • whether anyone should care about how anyone reacts to natural hair,
  • and more.

I came away inspired to thicken up my ends and make wash-and-go’s less tangly. To that end, this weekend I will be doing the following:

  1. Getting my shower filter installed (I recently learned that we have VERY hard hair),
  2. Chelating again (once the shower filter is installed),
  3. Patch testing Morrocco Method Curl Power, and
  4. Trying to improve my Kinky Curly Curling Custard wash-and-go.

Have you ever participated in a natural hair group? If so, how did it fare? What types of activities did you do?

What are your weekend hair plans?

Finally, what are your favorite wash-and-go products? Do you have a favorite gel and leave-in? Or, do you avoid wash-and-go’s altogether?

Have a great weekend, and as always, happy healthy hair journeying!


One thought on “2017-June-15: Natural Hair Meetup.com Inaugural Meet & Greet

  1. I use sheamoisture raw shea leave in with argan oil and argan oil ecostyler gel for my wash n go….I’m heavy handed with product….no crunch, shiny defined…5 days now

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