[Hair Diary Entry] 2017-Jun-15: Twist Out With Soultanicals Twist Assist, Turned Puff

About Wash Day, Saturday, June 10th, 2017: THE REASON FOR THE WIG

Last Saturday’s wash day didn’t quite work out all the way: I had returned home late with the boys, but attempted to start wash day around 9:00 PM anyway.

  1. As usual, I sectioned my hair into 10 sections (5 sections on each half of my head) using the Kimmaytube / Luv Naturals -recommended Goody Updo Hair Barrettes.
  2. In the shower, removing each clip and re-clipping it ONE AT A TIME, I chelated each section with HairPrint Chelating Shampoo.
  3. In the same manner, I added deep conditioner to each section with Annabelle PerfectBlends Ultra Conditioning Souffle. Then I sat under the HairFlair for about 35 minutes.

That’s when I tapped out. 😛


Then on Sunday morning I did not get the opportunity to finish my hair! :O I ended up detangling each section using the lovely, amazing KareCo Tangle Buster (purchased from WalMart), and twisting each section up. I had to go to church, so there was nothing I could do but . . . gulp . . . wig it. *sniffle*

Would you believe my hair stayed in those twists and that wig until Thursday (yesterday!)?!?? Wigs just so aren’t me! However, not finishing my hair on the weekend resulted in an extended amount of time with me not being able to get to my hair. The wig it was!

Thursday Night’s Natural Hair Meetup.com Inaugural Meet & Greet

Thursday was the inaugural meet and greet of the new, natural hair meetup I joined, and you best believe I wasn’t going to show up in a wig. I had about 2 hours (after running, jogging, walking, and playing basketball with our older little guy) to do my hair.

Eek! That wasn’t very much time. I ended up rinsing my hair (it only contained CurlyProverbz DIY hair growth oil), detangling and applying Soultanicals Twist Assist to each twist, and retwisting. I sat under my HairFlair for 1 hour and 15 minutes until I absolutely had to get moving or else be late for the meetup.

My hair didn’t dry fully, so I ended up creating a low puff with it and wearing it that way. I am still rocking the low puff today, as I type! 😀

My Hair Friday, June 16, 2017: Low Puff


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