2017-Jun-18: How I Transitioned from Relaxed Hair to Naturally Coily Hair

If you read my hair journey story, you know that I went natural because relaxers began eating up my hair. As a result, I simply stopped getting relaxers one day.

Although I did do a big chop, I did grow some length first. One way I safely, healthily grew my hair out was to wear crochet “braids” installed into my cornrowed hair.

The first braider and crochet installer I tried had me looking like Cousin It. I don’t know HOW I lucked up and found the most amazing crochet braider on my second attempt, but I did! My braider knew how to prioritize the health of my hair and edges, and she had my hair looking so realistic!

I easily cared for my scalp and own hair while the hair was installed, and I was able to try different curl patterns and lengths. Aside: Filling a color applicator bottle with diluted shampoo, oil ,etc. makes for easy scalp care while the crochet hair is installed. I wish the Cantu Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse had existed while I was rockin’ my crochet braids!


If you transitioned (or still are transitioning), how did you do so (or are you doing so)? What advice do you have for transitioners? Please leave your comments below!


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