Product Battle: NappyHeadedJojoba’s DIY Prepoo and Detangler vs. Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide Hair Glide

Do you prepoo?
Do you use a “dedicated” detangler?
What’s the best thing with which you’ve ever detangled your hair?

Please comment below! 🙂

Introduction: The Reason for This Hair Product “Battle”

The other day, I was minding my own business watching natural hair videos on YouTube when I ran across YouTuber NappyHeadedJojoba’s video entitled, “Did I Just Create the Greatest Prepoo/Detangler OF ALL TIME? | 30 Min. Detangle! – 4C Hair.”

In the video, NappyHeadedJojoba — one of my FAVORITE YouTubers whose channel is great — says that it typically would take her HOURS to detangle her lengthy, 4C hair. However, the DIY detangling prepoo that she concocted on the fly got the job done in 30 minutes, if that!!!

Her video presentation already had my attention: She was crunk, you guys, just look at her face in the still of the video. 😀 But then I read the video’s COMMENTS!

OMG!!! The comments had me SERIOUSLY SIDE-EYEING my Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide Hair Glide (my HOLY, HOLY, HOLY MOLY grail detangler — see my review and the product link to more reviews below).

I mean, just look: The comments beneath her video contained words and phrases such as:

  • “It’s magical”
  • “miracle concoction”
  • “Geez you could sell this. This is my new HG.”
  • “Stop what you’re doing, experiment in the kitchen some more, patent your product, and start your business!”
  • “best detangler ever”
  • “this is the business”
  • “this one gets all my fingers and toes up”
  • “this was literally slipping knots out . . . this was so genius”
  • “I don’t know what it is about it but it really makes my coils pop!”

This all had me thinking:

Is it POSSIBLE that something could detangle better than the magical, mystical, very OTHER-WORLDLY, hairs-just-glide-on-past-each-other Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide HAIR GLIDE?!???

If so, I could stop ordering it and paying shipping fees for the often-not-in-stock Hair Glide and instead make this very economical (and superior?) DIY detangler at home, whenever needed! 😀

Yeah, I decided to try the DIY product and do a comparison with the Hair Glide. 🙂 I made some of NappyHeadedJojoba’s DIY prepoo and detangler and used it on ONE side of my head while using Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide Hair Glide on the other half of my head.

Y’aaaallllllll! (You’ll have to scroll to the bottom if you want to see who I declare the winner!) 🙂

Obtaining the Ingredients for NappyHeadedJojoba’s DIY Prepoo and Detangler

NappyHeadedJojoba listed the ingredients for her DIY Prepoo and Detangler beneath the YouTube video introducing it. Her ingredients list is as follows:

  1. 3 ounces coconut oil
  2. 3 ounces conditioner (WITH SLIP!)
  3. 1 ounce coconut water vinegar
  4. 1 ounce 100% coconut cream
  5. essential oils of your choice

Finding Coconut Vinegar (Should It Have Been Coconut WATER Vinegar???)

The other day in WalMart, I happened upon some coconut VINEGAR (not coconut water vinegar, which may be what was called for). It was right next to the apple cider vinegar. Seeing the coconut vinegar reminded me of my plans to try making NappyHeadedJojoba’s mix.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have NO idea whether coconut vinegar and coconut water vinegar are the same thing. I do know that there are 2 products that have these 2 different labels:

There is a product called coconut water vinegar:


There is a product simply called coconut vinegar:|pcrid|166840070364|&gclid=CjwKEAjwsqjKBRDtwOSjs6GTgmASJACRbI3f26EEhDBRCdaLr5L5LNCKO-gmX_FWXJ7Ixpu9OXvX8BoCIRDw_wcB

I wasn’t aware of this at the time that I saw that coconut vinegar in WalMart. I purchased the coconut vinegar and went on the lookout for coconut cream.

WP_20170620_107 1
This cream was a NO NO and I did not use it. It was not 100% coconut, as the recipe called for.

Finding Coconut Cream

I found some coconut cream in Kroger, near the wine of all places (the Kroger employee told me to go there for it! Who knew?!??). But that particular brand didn’t meet NappyHeadedJojoba’s requirement of being nothing but coconut cream (there was all sorts of other stuff listed in the ingredients list).

I ended up getting my coconut cream from Whole Foods. I didn’t see it there on the shelves at first. It was right next to the coconut milk, but the can was tiny and so it blended in with the coconut milks at first. A Whole Foods employee had to point it out to me. Aside: The Whole Foods also carried coconut vinegar.



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How I Made My NappyHeadedJojoba DIY Prepoo and Detangler

I used the following amounts and conditioner, which maintained the same PROPORTIONS as the ingredients in NappyHeadedJojoba’s recipe:

  1. 3 Tbsp of coconut oil
  2. 3 Tbsp of conditioner with slip!!! (I used Curl Junkie Smooth Lotion leave-in conditioner because I have YET to experience a hair product more slippery)
  3. 1 Tbsp of coconut vinegar
  4. 1 Tbsp of 100% coconut cream
  5. Essential oils of choice (I used a peaches and cream scented oil I already  had)



Here is a 30-second video clip showing the CONSISTENCY of my version of the DIY prepoo and detangler, after having stirred and stirred it.

About Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide Hair Glide

So, I literally GASPED OUT LOUD the first time I used Soultanicals Hair Glide to detangle my hair (this was a while ago). Y’all, this stuff is other-worldly! I used to spend 2-4 hours detangling my very knotted, coily 4a hair. NO MORE!!!: This is because — besides increasing my detangling skills — I now use Soultanicals Hair Glide, which makes dried or wet hair CRAZY-SCARY slippery and SHOCKINGLY easy to detangle. You almost don’t believe what’s happening as you detangle with it. It really, really is that good. Truly.

Aromatherapy: Regarding the Soultanicals Hair Glide’s SCENT! You guys, don’t get me started! The scent of Soultanicals Hair Glide is aromatherapy for your soul. 😀 Your SOUL! ❤

Here is a link to the product:

And here are the Soultanicals Hair Glide ingredients:

Distilled Water Botanically Infused with Slippery Elm, Oatstraw, Okra & Marshmallow Root, Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocoa Butter, Stearalkonium Chloride, Pro-Vitamin B5, Guar Gum, Mushroom Gum, Vegetable Silk, Potassium Sorbate, Gluconolactone, Sorbic Acid, Phthalate-Free Fragrance, an extra slide of soulistic flava & LOVE! FLAVA: Cotton Candy Delight

“Battle” Results: Which Product Detangled Better?

The DIY prepoo and detangler worked pretty well! 🙂 It did, however, smell strongly of vinegar, despite AMPLE drops of peaches and cream oil.

Detangling went faster with the Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide as compared to the DIY prepoo and detangler. The Soultanicals Hair Glide left my coils defined and shiny. Also, my hair on the Soultanicals Hair Glide half felt better and was glistening, unlike the DIY product’s half.


While I thought the performance of the DIY product was good, Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide Hair Glide was the clear winner this time around. (No contest. 🙂 ) HOWEVER . . . Perhaps the DIY product will perform better if I use coconut WATER vinegar or take liberty and add CARRIER OILS (versus the recipe’s recommendation of only an essential oil)???

I don’t know! 😀 I do know, however, that I literally praise God, our Heavenly Father for Soultanicals Hair Glide and the KareCo Tangle Buster brush. Both are incredible. ❤

  • Do you prepoo?
  • Do you use a “dedicated” detangler?
  • What’s the best thing with which you’ve ever detangled your hair?
    Please comment below!

Happy healthy hair journeying! Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Product Battle: NappyHeadedJojoba’s DIY Prepoo and Detangler vs. Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide Hair Glide

  1. Girl! I’ve not tried the Slip and Slide hair Glide but their Mango Dip Dentangling Slip is the business!! i am literally in love with it.

    My hair doesn’t typically take long to detangle (30 mins usually with my old method) but with this product..10-15 mins yup no lie.

    Never heard of coconut vinegar….hmmmm.


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