Go!: List 7+ Things You Want To Try With Your Hair Sooner-than-Later!


Have you stumbled upon products, techniques, tools, and/or strategies that you want to try with your hair? List your “sooner-than-later-I-want-to-try . . .” items in the comments. Here are my current ones:

[1] A Gel Cocktail: Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker with Soultanicals SPRUNG Coil Boosting Gelly

WP_20170626_043 1

I love how elongating, moisturizing, defining, and shine-adding the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker is. But I don’t get too much hold with it.

I love how the Soultanicals SPRUNG Gelly separates and defines my hair and gives it a nice sheen. But it’s slightly drying for my hair.

The perfect gel for me would be a marriage of the two, and so I hope to soon patch test a cocktail of the two.

[2] My DIY Hair Clips Project

I started a DIY (do-it-yourself) hair clips project MONTHS and MONTHS ago. I had watched several YouTube videos and researched hair before diving into the project.

I got stalled out on this project when I had trouble with glue: The original glue I had didn’t hold the hair clips onto the plastic-y feeling material on the hair wefts. I ended up using a lot of glue to try to keep the hair clips from popping off.

I finally got one clip-in kind of working. So I installed just that one cleft over the back of my two-strand twisted hair (which was marinating in an awesome deep conditioner).

Wow! :O I was wearing awesome, Type 3/4 curly hair without the itch or edge-harm of wigs!!! Yeah, mon!


I reeeeealllly need to finish this project: I mean, I already have the hair and clips, and I just bought a new glue that might work better. There’s nothing stopping me but lack of putting in the time. I do need to rewatch some YouTube videos showing the installing of hair clips, so that I can strategically make my clip hair pieces a smart WIDTH. Otherwise, I just need to make the decision to just FINISH this project. 🙂

Having the option of quickly clipping in hair over my twists, leaving my own hair protected, might be a game changer for my hair regimen! 😀

[3] A Spiral Rod Set

[4] Using Just One Brand: Soultanicals

I can’t believe it, but aside from using Colorful Neutral Protein Filler as my protein treatment and Cantu ACV Rinse as my scalp cleanser, I’m pretty sure I’m going to transition to using one hair product brand only.

Aaaaaaand . . .  I can’t believe it (given all the out-of-stock and the too-many-special-edition-products-that-I-feel-need-to-be-year-round products issue), but I’m pretty sure that brand will be Soultanicals. :yep:

The product collection pictured below is what I’m leaning toward to cover my regimen. I might add the Curly Dew Earthy Poo to the list, but for now the shampoo bar, clay wash, and co-wash seem sufficient. In the comparison table below, I noted possibly trialing leave-ins later. But upon further reflection, I realize that the Soultanicals Hair Glide detangler can DOUBLE AS A SOULTANICALS LEAVE-IN! 🙂 And if you read my post reviewing the Hair Glide, you KNOW how I feel about that product!

I think I can transition to the products in this one brand, which would enable me to purchase no in-store products that aren’t sealed, and pay shipping fees to just ONE company every so often. Yeah! 😀

Please click the products image and table images below to enlarge them in another tab.

6-25-2017 A Soultanicals-based Hair Regimen.png


[5] A New-to-me “Wash-and-Go” Technique

I am inspired by two YouTube videos to try the “wash-and-go” below. (Who am I kidding?! This can’t be called a wash-and-go. It’s more a wash and deep condition and dry. So many of the YouTube demo “wash-and-go’s” are, though, aren’t they?

Here’s my plan (I include the videos that inspired it below the plan):

  1. Steam dry hair with Shea Moisture’s High Porosity Moisture-seal Masque.
    Rationale: Prepooing will protect my high porosity strands from hygral fatigue, and softening my hair via steam will make sectioning easier and less damaging.
    5 minutes to apply to hair; 20 minutes to steam
  2. Section hair (3 or 5 sections on each half) with Goody Updo Barrettes.
    10 minutes
  3. At the sink, apply Cantu ACV Rinse to scalp, and cleanse strands in sections with J.R. Liggetts Moisturizing Shampoo Bar using shower-filtered water in a spray bottle.
    20 minutes
  4. In the shower, rinse out the cleansers and shed hairs. Add deep conditioner in sections (twist up hair if desired).
    15 minutes
  5. Deep condition under thermal cap or HairFlair.
    30-45 minutes 
  6. Back in the shower, rinse out the deep conditioner and hydrate the hair in the shower: Spritz each section with aloe Vera juice or Soultanicals Sorrell Kink Drink on soaking wet hair.
    10 minutes
  7. Moisturize and set style: Section by section, apply Kinky Curly Knot Today then apply Kinky Curly Curling Custard and brush through with the KareCo Tangle Buster. Carefully ponytail hair close to the scalp to aid in elongation and avoidance of puffy roots. Add Sprangz to weigh down and elongate hair.
    40 minutes
  8. Dry with hair dryer (use concentrator nozzle) or under HairFlair.
    Time span unpredictable
  9. Add finishing touches to the style.
    5 minutes

Video inspirations:

[6] FineNaturalHairandFaith’s Twist-out Wash-and-Go

Blogger Michelle from Finenaturalhairandfaith.com has posted an interesting method of doing what she calls a twist-out wash-and-go: http://finenaturalhairandfaith.com/why-this-is-my-go-to-summer-hairstyle.

I feel like a lot of us naturals inadvertently end up wearing this style, LOL! 😛 I don’t know about you, but there have been several times when I’ve had to unravel my twists before they’ve dried, shape everything, and just go.

I hope to try this soon — on purpose 😉 😛 . When I do, I plan to apply the following products in this order:

  • aloe Vera juice
  • oil (likely my verionn of CurlyProverbz’s DIY hair growth oil)
  • twist cream (likely Soultanicals Twist Assist Coil Defining Cream)
  • gel (likely Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker)

[7] Jacinta Nwabuogu’s DIY Fenugreek Deep Conditioner

Jacinta’s and Naptural85’s fenugreek powder-containing DIY deep conditioners look so luxurious and moisturizing to me. Fenugreek is GREAT for hair. 🙂 I’ve tried MANY protein-free deep conditioners, and so far none have left my hair with a feeling of lasting moisture. So I feel that at least once I should try my own modification of Jacinta’s fenugreek deep conditioner.

Jacinta’s version contains fenugreek powder, aloe Vera juice, olive oil, banana (I might use banana baby food to avoid the hard-to-remove-from-the-hair banana chunks), Greek yogurt, honey, mayonnaise, and avocado.



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