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1) About This Blog
2) About the Hair Growth Study
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About This Blog

WP_20170422_055Greetings! Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

I’m Z (aka Yvette or Mickey). I’ve joined Abena Palmore’s June 2017 – May 2018 independent hair growth study and have created this blog to organize my plans, goals, activities, experiences, thoughts, and reflections related to participating in the hair growth study.

While I’ll mainly be posting hair product reviews, growth/length checks, my reflections about hair product combinations that I try, regimen successes and tweaks, and the like, I’ll also post the occasional note about good music (christian and secular), what has me blissed out or inspired, and whatever I happen to learn about maintaining JOY (joy in general and spiritual joy as well).

About the Hair Growth Study

For information about Abena Palmore’s independent hair growth study, please see her various social media outlets (Embrace Natural Beauty on YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, etc).

The description boxes of Abena’s Embrace Natural Beauty YouTube videos contain links to her various social media platforms. Here is one of her videos:

A Little About Me

I’m a 40+ christian girl and family girl. I’m married with two little guys to care for and a host of loving family members. I am an introvert, yet very talkative. (That’s not a contradiction! LOL!)

I have hair that is mainly 4a, is naturally highly porous, is of medium to dense dispersion across my scalp, and is composed of mainly fine strands. Here is a link to my hairography, complete with pictures.

I did the big chop on May 17, 2014 after having worn my hair relaxed for 30+ years, and I am EVER so grateful! I am what I refer to as a “meager-skilled natural” 😛 : I can detangle and two-strand twist and that’s about it (at the moment!). I hope to learn to flat twist and do awesome My Curl Squad (spoolie) roller sets or flexirod sets before the study is complete! 🙂

I’m enjoying my hair journey (that wasn’t always the case, so I’m grateful! 🙂 ). My main hair goals are:

  • Hair health: A focal goal of mine is that I maintain healthy hair that retains thick, luscious ends.
  • Hair length: My initial goal is to have hair that is collar-bone length in its fully shrunken state. Once that milestone is met, I’ll take all the healthy hair growth that comes afterwards, as well!
  • Hair care regimen: I’m very close to nailing my regimen. My goal is to have my regimen nailed by about the midpoint of the study — around December 1, 2017. I also have the goal of getting my FULL WASH DAY — the wash day that entails chelation, a protein treatment, a moisturizing DC, and styling — down to a consistent, easily repeatable 3 hours.
  • Styling: By December 1, 2017, I hope to have mastered the ability to do a gorgeous flat twist out and a gorgeous My Curl Squad roller/spoolie set on my own hair.
  • Stylist: By December 1, 2017, I hope to have found and be seeing a stylist who is extremely gentle with my hair, has “growing hands,” is helping to grow my hair out, and who does my trims without over-trimming or damaging my hair in anyway.

Some Things I Love:

  • encouraging others, empowering others, teaching;
  • good TV (This Is Us, Sense8, Humans, Jane the Virgin, Queen Sugar, Shades of Blue, House of Cards);
  • Mexican food;
  • stand-up comedy;
  • music (80s music in general, Motown in general, a cappella music such as Pentatonix’s, Sam Cooke, Rachelle Ferrell, Sting, Phil Collins, Howard Hewett, Mercy Me, Big Daddy Weave, Justin Nozuka, Keke Wyatt, Miguel, Joe, Brian McKnight, etc.)
  • singing;
  • family time and fellowshipping;
  • mathematics education,
  • reading;
  • movies (Shawshank Redemtion, Love and Basketball, Matrix, Sweet November, Hidden Figures, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Palm Trees in the Snow, Iron Man, Jason’s Lyric, and more)
  • cooking;
  • road trips;
  • and last but not least, the Lord, His Word, and living the grace-based christian life.

Thank you for stopping by the blog! Please feel free to browse around and post comments, questions, thoughts, suggestions, etc. Many blessings!