The Preferred Detangler I Will Use for the Majority of the Hair Growth Study Duration

. . . is Soultanials Slip-N-Slide Hair Glide, because it has a crazy, crazy level of otherworldly slip and can function as a prepoo as well.

A Balancing Deep Conditioner with a TON of Slip

. . . is the Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner, and I can detangle with it, as well.

My Regular Strands Cleanser Permits Detangling, Too!

My holy grail strands cleanser is the J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bar, Moisturizing Formula [JRL shampoo bar–MF]. It performs almost exactly like the 22nd Century Shampoo Bar, except it is less oil and leaves my hair springy. While the the JRL shampoo bar–MF is on my strands, my strands slip and slide past one another and my hair is molded into an elongated stretch, which allows for WAY easier removal of shed hairs.

My Backup, Dedicated Detangler

. . . is Qhemet Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee (QCTDG), because it works on both dry and damp hair, can function as a deep conditioner, and detangles my hair like a BOSS!!! 😀

 Further Details: How I Detangle and Why That Method

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I Have Tried Fingers-Only Detangling, and It’s Problematic for My Hair

Like many others, I have heard the advice that tools are damaging, and the fingers-only detangling is the way to go if you have length goals and want long hair.

I have tried using only my fingers to detangle. It doesn’t work for me. In fact, I keep FORGETTING that it’s problematic for me, and so I keep retrying fingers-only detangling and suffering from it!

The problem: With so much dense, fine, uber coily hair on my head, finger detangling takes a very, very, very, very long time . . . especially if I’m going to get out most of the tangles and shed hair. No matter how long I stay with finger detangling in a detangling session, many tangles are still left in my hair, as are many shed hairs.

This becomes a problem over time, as trapped shed hairs like to tangle and cause tangles, and as untangled hair gets more and more tangled.

So for my hair, the pro of fingers-only detangling (less damaging) does not outweigh the cons (left-in tangles and shed hairs that wreak havoc all week long and build and build over the months).

A better solution for me is that I learn to use detangling tools GENTLY — as gently as possible, and that I get regular, small trims to remove any damaged ends.

My Hair Constantly Seeks To Tangle

My strands like to wrap themselves around each other at all times, LOL. Indeed, my coily 4a hair re-tangles almost as SOON as I’ve detangled it. I know that some people recommend twisting the hair up right after detangling and then leaving the hair in twists throughout the whole wash day. I do something else!

I have stopped doing wash day in twists for the following reasons:

  • I have thoroughly tested washing in twists and have discovered that some product and some shed hairs REMAIN in my hair when I do.
  • Twisting and untwisting and re-twisting throughout the wash day amounts to a lot of manipulation of my delicately fine strands, and I want to keep hair manipulation to a minimum.

What I Do Instead of Doing Wash Day In Twists

Instead of doing all the manipulation involved in doing wash day with my delicately fine hair in twists,

  • I section my hair using the Ouchless updo hair clips/barrettes that Kimmaytube recommends and sells on her Luv Naturals site. Then I leave my hair in these sections throughout the entire wash day.
  • I place crocodile hair clips on my ends so that my hair is not loose to re-tangle during wash day.
  • I employ the strategy of detangling gradually in stages throughout wash day — at just about every step of wash day. As I mentioned above, I even detangle during shampooing: I use a shampoo bar (J.R. Liggetts Moisturizing Shampoo Bar) that provides crazy slip and hair elongation which both in turn permit detangling and uber thorough removal of shed hairs.
  • I currently use the KareCo Tangle Buster Brush ( and the Kent 16t seamless both-fine-and-course-toothed comb.
    NOTE: I have tried just about EVERY highly touted detangling tool you might think of: the Ouidad double detangling comb, the Wet Brush, etc. These tools are good, as well, but my Wet Brush bristles have sunken into the brush and my KareCo Tangle Buster does a slightly better job. I do use a flicking motion when working the brush through a tangle, to prevent pressure on the ends that comes from pulling the hair down through tangles.