The purpose of this wash day is to reset misshapen and/or seriously flaking hair, even if time is short, so that the hair is presentable for public wear.


Anytime time is short and the hair contains too much product (such that it’s visible in the hair) or the hair’s shape is not quite right for public wear


  1. Cowash:
    • At the sink, apply DevaCurl Decadence One Condition to dry hair, focusing on the ends, elongating the ends
    • Rinse out in the shower
  2. Apply leave-in:
    Still in the shower, apply DevaCurl Decadence One Condition to now-cowashed hair and flash under the water to help the product sink in
  3. Gel:
    At the sink, apply gel of choice via the praying hands method
  4. Style:
    Ponytail or puff the hair
  5. Ends care:
    Protect hair ends with additional gel or with oil, pomade, a butter, etc.
  6. Go! (Simply let hair air dry as the day progresses)

Tools and Accessories

  1. fingers: for super light detangling (only very quickly and lightly detangle the ends, if need be)
  2. athletic clothy, elastic hairband (if wearing a ponytail) . . . OR . . . clothy, elastic baby HEADBAND (if wearing a puff)

Topical Hair Products


  1. water!
  2. DevaCurl Decadence One Condition (as both cowash AND leave-in in two separate steps)
  3. gel of choice (NOTE: I prefer to use Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker so that Kinky Curly Curling Custard is preserved for use with actual free-hair wash-and-go’s.)