Below are the categories of products I include in my hair care regimen. For details about the specific products I will be using over the course of the study — including staple and holy grail products of mine — in the blog menu above, please click the drop-down menu to the right of the menu item “My Hair Products.”

  1. Detanglers
  2. Cleansers
    • A chelating shampoo once a month, typically on the 4th Saturday of the month
    • A scalp cleanser
    • An “everyday” (i.e., regular) strands cleanser
  3. Deep Treatments
    • A balancing deep treatment, i.e., one that restores moisture-protein balance
    • A protein treatment once a month, around the 24th of the month, OR AS NEEDED
    • A protein-free deep treatment to follow the protein treatment
  4. Hydrators
  5. Leave-ins/Moisturizers
  6. Scalp-stimulating growth oils/creams
  7. Sealants (i.e., an oil or butter capable of sealing in moisture)
  8. Stylers (gel, setting mousse, and twisting cream)