On this page:

  • My hair characteristics,
  • my hair goals,
  • scroll-through-able story in pictures displaying my transition from relaxed hair to natural hair, and
  • the story in words of my transition from relaxed hair to natural hair

My Hair Characteristics

Natural, Transitioning, or Relaxed?:

Date of Big Chop:
May 17, 2014

Date and Amount of Last Trim:
November 18, 2016
The stylist trimmed about 2 inches all around to remove split ends. I believe this was only my third trim since the big chop!

Signature Style(s):

  1. Ponytailed (or low puffed) wash-and-go with side bang
  2. Elongated wash-n-dry

My Hair’s Porosity:
Mainly high porosity, some normal porosity

Are Individual Strands Fine or Course?:

High Density, Medium Density, or Low Density (i.e hairs per square inch):

Main Curl Pattern:
4a coils the size of the springs in writing pens

(Date last eyeballed: June 1, 2017)
Presently my longest layers are a little beyond armpit-length.

My Hair Goals:

  1. Length goal:
    Wash-and-go with shortest layers at collarbone-length, with ends as thick as the rest of my hair
  2. Regimen goals:
    – To master healthy HANDLING of my hair
    – To be able to detangle, wash, apply styler, and install hairstyle . . . all in 3 HOURS OR LESS 😀
    – To have the need to detangle my hair NO MORE FREQUENTLY THAN EVERY 7 DAYS (due to the fact that I’ve gotten my hairstyles to last 7 days and to be styles that prevent tangling 😀 )
  3. Styling goals:
    – To be able to do my own flat twist out
    – To master some type of roller set (e.g., MyCurlSquad rollers [spoolies] or flexirods)
  4. Other goals:
    To find a stylist who handles my hair very gently, grows natural hair very well, and who can do my trims

My Hair Story So Far

The Story in Pictures


The Story in Words

I wore relaxed hair until I was in my 30s, when relaxers began eating up my edges and hair’s length and thickness. (Looking back, maybe this was because I moved states an the water in my new state was hard water?!?? I dunno!)

I paid salon after salon that claimed to be able to help. One day I refused to pay for another chemical service.

For a long time I simply dealt with having two textures. When that got challenging, I discovered the concept of crochet braids. Luckily, I found an AMAZING crochet braid installing stylist who made my crochet braid hair look like it was my own hair (well, sometimes. 😉 ). I wore crochet braids for 8-12 weeks repeatedly for a while.

Eventually, I became concerned about the stress that must have been on my hair at the line of demarcation between the two textures of my new natural growth and my old relaxed ends.

So, I did the big chop. I was pretty sad that day. 😥

It’s been weird, but no matter who I’ve researched and tried, most “natural” stylists detangle my hair so roughly. They weren’t NEARLY as gentle with my hair as I was, and I had length goals to reach, LOL! 😛 I found out from asking around that this is, sadly, NOT UNCOMMON.

I stopped paying them to damage my ends and began learning to do my own hair from YouTube and the Long Hair Care Forum.

At first I really struggled with just the HANDLING of my natural hair: The tangling was instantly, ever occurring and unreal . . . I couldn’t part much less comb/brush my thick, tangly, natural hair . . . . my hair stayed chronically dry for years not matter WHAT I did  . . . and those initial attempts at two strand twist outs were special 😐

I almost re-relaxed my hair. (I know! After all of that damage from them??? Can you believe it?!??) A few WEEKS before my scheduled relaxer, something clicked and my hair stayed hydrated and moisturized for a few days. Phew! Thank God! That gave me inspiration to try with my natural hair a little bit longer.

I’m finally having a blast with my hair! I’m making progress in understanding my hair, learning how to healthily handle it, and trying to nail down a reasonably streamlined yet soul-satisfying hair care regimen. I’ve made a lot of strides and am elated about the idea of having a wash-and-go that falls to collarbone-length! At that point, won’t nobody be able to tell me NOTHIN’! 😉 Blessings, and godspeed on your HHJ (healthy hair journey)! ❤