At night to protect my hair from damage and to preserve my hairstyle, I either band or ponytail my hair, cover my ends with a plastic processing cap, and cover everything with a silk-lined beanie. NOTE: I used to sleep in a slap cap until I got my black New Jersey silk-lined beanie from Pretty AnntoiNet’s Silk Hair Lingerie.


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Here are the steps to my banding nighttime routine (photos of the materials are included below):

  1. Section hair into 4 sections. If my wash-n-go is not parted down the middle, then one of my sections is my side bang.
  2. Ponytail each section of hair using stretchy, clothy bands — I use the athletic Goody bands from Walmart.

    For ponytailing: Goody Athletic bands from WalMart
    For ponytailing: Goody Athletic bands from WalMart
  3. Taking one strip of elastic ribbon (which I purchased from Hobby Lobby for about $2.00), band the hair in the fashion of African threading except leave large gaps down the hair section (see picture showing banding below).

    I put my hair into 4 ponytails using stretchy, clothy elastic. I then banded each section using elastic ribbon, tying a knot in the ends.
  4. Knot the band at the bottom of the hair section, leaving OUT some hair at the ends, so as not to disturb the wash-and-go curl pattern (see picture above showing banding).
  5. Band the remaining ponytails the same way.
  6. If desired, cover hair with baggie (the baggie method).
  7. Cover hair with silk-lined beanie.

Materials For My Nighttime Routine:

WP_20170525_067 1
Everything I potentially need for the nighttime routine: elastic ribbon, stretchy clothy bands, a plastic processing cap, and my silk-lined beanie.

As I mentioned, sometimes I simply ponytail my hair, baggie the ponytail, and then cover everything with my silk-lined beanie.

WP_20170528_166 1
Sometimes instead of banding, I simply cover the ponytail I wore during the day with a plastic processing cap and cover everything with my silk-lined beanie.

Why I Don’t Pineapple My Hair Overnight, Which Is a VERY Popular Technique That Works for a Lot of Naturals

YouTuber happycurlhappygirl has a video that expresses precisely why I don’t pineapple my hair overnight the way many naturals do. Of course, if pineappling works for you, more power to you! I just can’t get it to work on my medium-length hair, and banding has been GREAT! 😀

How about you? What is your nighttime routine? Do you feel it protects both your hair’s health and your hairstyle?


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