I’m hoping to establish some kind of weekly schedule of hairstyles. The potential one below starts out with a wash-and-go on wash day. This is to avoid tacking on long styling methods after I’ve done the day’s numerous steps for wash day.

The schedule below has a flow that makes sense: Old wash-and-go’s become ponytails or puffs. Old ponytails or puffs get elongated and twisted or rolled up right before the next wash day.

Also, the schedule below would allow me to get in some practice roller setting and twisting!

Possible Weekly Hairstyle Schedule

  • Sunday:
    Wash day “wash-n-go” (typically is actually a wash-and-stretch or a watch-and-blow-dry)
  • Monday:
    Refreshed wash-n-go
  • Tuesday:
    (1) Refreshed wash-n-go or
    (2) new ponytail or puff
  • Wednesday:
    New (or refreshed) ponytail or puff
  • Thursday:
    Refreshed ponytail or puff . . .  in the evening, twist or roller set the hair
  • Friday:
    New twist out or roller set on “old” hair
  • Saturday:
    Refreshed twist out or roller set